Motorola XOOM to launch without Flash support

While the tablet supplied Android 3.0 are preparing to make their entry into the market, Adobe promises in the coming weeks the availability of a dedicated version of its Flash Player 10.2. Some users were surprised by the first U.S. spot for the tablet Motorola Xoom , which states clearly that Flash will not be integrated into the device before “Spring 2011”, but did not specify the exact date. The announcement has disappointed potential customers, who were expecting full support from Motorola tablet content through Flash technology.

This represents a major advantage of Motorola Xoom (and any Android Honeycomb tablet) compared to the classic Apple iPad. Adobe Flash Player 10.2 will be pre-installed on some tablet and accessible via a download on the other, a few weeks after the release of the first digital tablets Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), the software company stated in its official website.

At the moment, however it had not given any kind of explanation on the reasons that led to this choice, but Adobe closes his post highlighting the progress made in the optimization of Flash for the tablet.

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