Motorola Xoom to hit Europe by summer

The information was officially confirmed by Motorola that the tablet Xoom will be available in Europe since the second quarter of 2011. Basically, if you’re in love with this ultra-slim tablet with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, then you can buy it before the summer.

We anticipate that in Germany Motorola Xoom will be distributed in partnership with Deutsche Telekom and England. Carphone and Best Buy will have the exclusive for the model equipped with 3G and other retailers will offer a configuration with only one WiFi interface.

You can make some assumption basing on the official price for the United States: $ 799 (around Rs. 36,034/-) from Verizon with 3G and 32GB of storage. Recall that Motorola Xoom is a tablet with the size 10.1 inches, equipped with a 5MP camera back, able to record HD video at 720p, and 1.3MP webcam front.

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