Microsoft’s New Xbox Experience For Xbox Series X And Xbox One

Xbox Experience, the interface for the next Xbox, is revealed through a short video presentation. While the technical characteristics of a console are important to many gamers, so are its interface. This is the first thing you see at startup and it is also the place that serves as a hub to access all the machine’s features.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

On Microsoft’s YouTube page, a new video took us to take a look at the interface of the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Experience. It is in line with the Xbox One. No big changes from the previous generation, but a more airy design with transparent backgrounds.

2 fast 2 furious

With a more powerful console, it is normal that the performance is there, and not just in game. On its blog, Microsoft announces that the home page “will load more than 50 percent faster when you boot your Xbox, and is almost 30 percent faster to load when you’re returning from a game. Plus, these upgrades will use 40% less memory than before.” The same goes for the launch of the Microsoft Store app which seems more readable.

Also, the Xbox smartphone application is being reviewed in order to promote social interactions. For example, when you choose to share an update or game clip from your console, it will also automatically be sent to your Xbox mobile app, so you can share it on the social networks of your choice.