Microsoft unveiled Fast and Easy Touch Mouse for Windows 7

At CES 2011, Microsoft unveiled Touch Mouse, a new device designed multitouch for Windows 7 that allows you to click, run flicks, scroll around and making interaction with your PC easier and more fun. Based on the draft Mouse 2.0, led by Microsoft and Applied Sciences Research Group, Touch Mouse combines the advantages of a mouse with the natural and rich language of gestures, to make interaction with Windows 7 more intuitive.

Touch Mouse lets you do all that we are accustomed to dealing with a mouse, such as “point and click, but also to perform actions with one, two or three fingers to make more powerful use of the Windows operating system 7, creating easy links to common tasks.

  • With one finger you can manage documents or individual pages with flicks to scroll quickly, open a pan and tilt, while a slider to move back and forth through a Web browser.
  • With two fingers, you can manage the windows, reduce, enlarge, align them and restore them.
  • With three fingers to navigate the desktop, showing immediate views or evicting the desktop.

Touch Mouse Mouse project is the evolution of 2.0, a study by Microsoft to match the standard features of a mouse with multitouch detection. Of the five prototypes, with touch sensing strategies and different forms, in the end what this is called “Cap Mouse” was chosen to become Touch Mouse, optimizing the experience of using a PC. Touch Mouse with BlueTrack Technology, which allows operation on virtually any surface and mini-transceiver is so small that it can never be extracted from the USB port: just plug it and forget it.

Touch Mouse will be available from June 2011 to the estimated retail price of € 69.90 (around Rs. 4358/-). This mouse is supported by a Microsoft licensed three-year limited hardware worldwide.

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