Microsoft to buy Warner Bros. Gaming Unit

AT&T is reportedly considering separating from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the video game publishing division of the American company. According to the CNBC media, the amount of the operation could be around 4 billion dollars. The Warner catalog is based on popular titles like Batman: Arkham Origins, Mortal Kombat, FEAR or the Lego franchise. The buyer should also get hold of a dozen studios and in particular a certain Avalanche Software which would work on a Harry Potter RPG at big budget.

Microsoft to buy Warner Bros

Many contenders?

Several actors would be interested, CNBC evokes in particular Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts and Take-Two. But according to The Information, Microsoft has also learned about the subject. The Redmond firm has become a heavyweight in the sector. In addition to the Xbox Game development studio, it now offers a cloud gaming platform , as well as an unlimited game service on console and PC.

As a reminder, the AT&T telecoms group bought the giant Time Warner in 2018 for the tidy sum of $ 85 billion. Just that. For Microsoft, this would be an opportunity to get your hands on a seasoned studio and very popular video game universes.