Microsoft Edge gets tangled up with data import from Chrome and Firefox

The automatic installation of Microsoft Edge seems to have updated a jumper collection of data from Google Chrome or Firefox.

Following complaints from users on Reddit that Microsoft Edge (Chromium base) collects data from Google Chrome and Firefox without explicit authorization during its deployment in automatic update, Microsoft has provided some form of explanation.

Microsoft Edge

In a reaction obtained by Windows Central, a Microsoft spokesperson said: ” We believe that the browser data belongs to the customer and that he has the right to decide what to do with it. Like other browsers, Microsoft Edge provides the ability to import data during configuration. “

In other words, Microsoft Edge would not ask for permission to import the data. They are imported and it is with a first use of the browser that there is the possibility or not to keep the imported data.

Without going so far as to speak of data theft as presented by some, the maneuver seems far more cavalier than it appears and certainly has something to irritate.