Medal of Honor on PlayStation 3 Review

While the Second World War barely, for a while now, to resonate with fans of FPS members and at the same time, Activision has emerged as one of the heavyweights of the genre thanks to the juggernaut Modern Warfare. Electronic Arts finally decided to dust off his mythical license, just months after a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 of the most convincing. Simply titled Medal of Honor, as to mark the revival of the series, the title tries to make a place in the sun with a more authentic and realistic modern warfare. For a result to the image of the Afghan conflict that attempts to identify oscillating between elation and bitterness.

Kabul, Bagram, Kandahar, If it has become customary to hear out those cities during o’clock news, they are now essential steps of the player throwing in the Medal of Honor. Because its tradition to anchor the scenario of his games in a historical context and geopolitical reality, Electronic Arts has taken the difficult decision to make Afghanistan the site of its new production, thus distinguishing itself from the usual clashes between fantasy and Russians and Americans that we have seen recently become widespread. No incredible invasion of Alaska by troops of the Red Army and even fewer “blue dicks” Kentucky trying to bring order to an imaginary republic in the Caucasus, will be followed by actions of a unit Combat actually existing: Men’s Tier 1.

Here come the bearded dad (known air)

Far from the idyllic picture was conveyed by the SPF in recent years  tactical vest futuristic, heavily armed helicopters available at any time and effective renewable at will  the Special Forces are experts in infiltration, the survival in hostile territory, intelligence but also the distribution of lead when things go water coil. Able to take an airport with a handful of men, also bearded and grimy as shepherds for the Pashtun majority, they are in this conflict, the real backbone of the U.S. Army. And since the Rangers, is well known, “pave the way”, they will also be on hand to assist the Tier 1, the player is one of them at certain times of the season. A bargain somewhere, given the impressive gaggle of fanatical Taliban as Chechen extremists, it will have gut here. Clearly, the same conflict, two different approaches to narrative still strongly reminiscent Modern Warfare 1 and 2.

By embodying the regular troops, we will find one factual gameplay more nag, promoting guns, grenade launchers, air strikes and taking place in broad daylight. In contrast, during phases with Tier 1, will be entitled to skirmishes mostly nocturnal, smaller committee and where discretion is in order, even if certain passages, such as taking the Bagram Airfield , pay no complex in pigeon shooting session with total. Similarly, we will find endless phases of the Barrett M82 sniper, cutting of terrorist to sulfation still clinging to the smoldering wreckage of a helicopter, quad bike rides directly inherited from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and even a trip to Apache, which unfortunately can not take care of truffles lead that exceeds the lesser turban, history of having something in common with the future Call of Duty: Black Ops. In other words, reboot Medal of Honor still has serious air.

In seeking to contribute to the realism, Electronic Arts succeeds however, through subtle ideas, to take its game and provide an authentic character to its title. It starts first with a HUD stripped to the extreme leaving only the viewfinder screen. And even if we can obviously see the basic info (weapon used, number of remaining ammunition) with a simple gesture, it is clear that immersion is it, no less, immediately reinforced. The soundscape has also been the subject of special care, with voices and dialogues credible, well transcribed and perfectly sticky action. Similarly, the noise of guns and want the most realistic documentaries fans of Charles Villeneuve sur TF1 easily recognize the particular crackle of AK-47, for example, a sprinkling of explosions to shake the walls of his F2. The music, meanwhile, excels in its discretion, which is not displeasing, after years of carrying loads of infantry with the Ride of the Valkyries thoroughly balloons.

It is also pleasing to note sensible behavior from his teammates, moving them as true elite soldiers, dropping only a few rounds, before moving to the next cover, when the way is clear. Finally, we note a general concern for detail particularly advanced with the ability to choose their rate of fire (burst or piecemeal) on automatic weapons and the presence of a bullet in the chamber when changing the charger before have emptied it, chargers that can be, moreover, begging with his colleagues in case of shortage of ammunition, the protagonists of Medal of Honor does not backpacking with three hundred kilos of bastos in the wallet. It may not seem anything like that, but purists will appreciate.

Low tier

However, not everything is perfect in this Medal of Honor, far from it, and it is even infuriating to see that Electronic Arts has been quite flowing over some details that would have richly deserved to be reviewed. We thought at first the behavior of weapons that the vast majority, are desperately short of decline. In a game that is more authentic than the average FPS current, we can not but deplore the M4 then able to let go the good old “full auto” without trembling or nearly, with screen viewfinder for M249 sniper and gusty there will be little more than the AK-47, and most bizarrely our handgun, to begin to feel the beginnings of a “sensation in the shoulder.” Surprising, too, will want U.S. giant entrust the execution of his title to two different studios and each using a specific graphic engine. While Digital Illusions CE and its graphics engine Frosbite had done wonders for Bad Company 2 , is Danger Close , which was charged by the campaign mode, developing it on a modified version of the older Unreal Engine 3. Swedes DICE not involved, they, as the multiplayer game. In fact, it ends up in the low exposure levels and marked where the action will most of the time to move, take cover and blow over the head, but especially with environments completely insensitive explosives of all kinds.

Even finding annoying side embodiment where, again, Medal of Honor proves capable of the best and the worst. If we applaud the effects of light, beautiful and well made environments, the soft of Electronic Arts does not suffer from a less aliasing pronounced rough texture, and if you want to split hairs, a frame rate at times when fever is beginning to unleash hell, that is to say almost every ten minutes. Note also a few bugs minors, scripts often difficult to initiate and AI not necessarily very sharp. Nothing dramatic either, the result is showing satisfactory overall. Nevertheless, in 2010, given the competition and for an episode marking the renewal of a license mythical, all clearly lacks a little polish. But the biggest criticism that can make the single player campaign that Medal of Honor probably imply its staging and, in general, the direction the developers wanted to take. Because let’s face it despite some sensational cinematic and heartfelt moments of bravery, the entire lack of pace quickly. Victim of its bias realistic, Electronic Arts reveals itself, and it would be at least unable to prevent her from falling under a certain linearity, torn between a desire for great entertainment and a search for authenticity, finally, in the this case, more restrictive than anything else.

The result? A story that gives the impression of being flared in catastrophe, fault lines, a fish tail end and a lifespan of around five hours. This might be within the standard FPS current military is not a reason to not take offense. Especially when there is no Mode “Cooperation”. Small consolation for the fiercest, the ability to repeat the campaign in “Tier 1”, while hardcore solo mode, with ultra limited ammunition, health regenerates slowly, aiming to help disabled and rampaging enemies. Playable online only solo, the objective will be to complete the various tasks in the shortest time clock support, and prove to the world that we are the fastest to knock out the terrorist, certain actions  freezing for a few seconds said timer. In terms of replay value, we have seen better.

Killing an Arab

This is where the multiplayer mode which, as it is fashionable in these securities, will pay the lion’s share. Another developer, another graphics engine, it is the Swedish DICE that Electronic Arts has assumed the leadership tussles in line for a result, again, midway in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the blockbuster of Infinity Ward. Moreover, let us not mince words Medal of Honor is the perfect symbiosis, offering an interesting compromise between the strategic depth of the first and the frenzy of the other. Playable twelve against twelve, we will choose from four game modes well known to regulars, and playable in hardcore mode. The perennial deathmatch team, an ‘Domination “renamed” control area “,” Raid Target ” to a particular counter-strike with sites to defend and defuse explosives or ask. Finally, a “combat mission” which is neither more nor less than the copy mode “Rush” by Bad Company 2 , where it will take five strategic points one after the other.

To do this, three classes are offered. The rifleman, armed with an M16 grenade launcher and smoke, a little office troufion basic, versatile and equally at home in attack and defense, special forces, specialists in close combat and explosives , handle both the M4 and the bazooka that the shotgun and the sniper, which as its name suggests, takes the role of foul campouze aligning the heads from the bottom end of the map, and more power to ask explosive charges particularly treacherous. As and when we climb into grades (a total of only fifteen per class), we can unlock new weapons and abilities and, just to draw in the ideas of his classmates, we also find the system chains score already seen in Call of Duty 1 and 2, giving the player connects the frags, various support defensive and offensive that be similar, most of the time, a big rocket in the face of the enemy.

To appeal, Electronic Arts has banked on strong values, even if one finds a hint of surprise at the move have some good ideas from the solo campaign as the ability to crawl, dragging behind shelter after a sprint or lack both cumbersome than solo or incomprehensible here, destructible scenery. And if the casual ‘s headshot will certainly find themselves, with only eight cards small enough, moreover, only one vehicle to drive (against a gaggle of gear died in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ) and, finally, few unlockable content, it’s a safe bet that most will quickly hardened into the tower. Again, a little more identity but also of courage could make a difference.


After so many years of absence, it was entitled to expect a blazing return for a license as mythical as Medal of Honor.  And with a willingness to offer a credible alternative to scriptwriting and visual delusions of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , it had even began to dream of an adversary capable of holding a candle to the future steamroller of Activision . But given this new opus, it is clear that the miracle will not happen. Too anxious to remain accessible to as many people, agreed to pay too much in the grand and borne by a realization far from flawless, the title of Electronic Arts, effective, incidentally, ends up a victim of a rupture of the adductor force to make the big difference between the two current heavyweights of the genre, which he draws heavily but never match. Remains a multi sympathetic if not truly ambitious, a soundscape of the first order and a genuine stamp of the most enjoyable. Not enough, unfortunately, mark his territory, as we approach the impressive war machine Black Ops.


  • The authentic atmosphere
  • The soundscape careful
  • The stunning light effects


  • Single player campaign too quickly shipped
  • Directed softies
  • Directed inconstant
  • Linear

Tech5 Score: 6/10.

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