Major US Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam

This is probably one of the most significant hacking operations for a social network in history: hundreds of personality accounts have been hacked to organize a vast scam. Twitter has suffered one of the biggest attacks in the history of social networks: since yesterday, accounts of celebrities, sometimes high ranking politicians or big bosses have been hijacked to share a message aiming to organize a gigantic scam.

Major US Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam

Whether it’s the account of Barack Obama, Joe Binden, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or even Uber or Apple, all display the same message indicating the will to share part of the fortune of the account holder. To do this, it would suffice to send the equivalent of $ 1,000 in Bitcoin to a specific address to receive $ 2,000 in exchange. Some messages offer a variant by leaving the amounts free up to a limit of $ 50 million.

Twitter took several hours to delete the messages in question, hacking has already reported more than 100,000 euros to hackers.

After an investigation, Twitter established that it was a rather pointed operation. The attack thus allegedly targeted people from Twitter in order to gain access to internal Twitter tools. The hackers would have got their hands on the advanced management of Twitter user accounts, allowing them to change the email address of several certified accounts. Worse, this diversion also allowed access to private messages.

If the 100,000 euros stolen during the scam are not enough for hackers, they could try to resell certain sensitive data or exchanges, or even organize blackmail campaigns with celebrities whose accounts have been hijacked.