LinkedIn Sued for Spying on Users With Apple Device Apps

LinkedIn is sued for discreetly reading the contents of the Apple user clipboard. For having secretly copied the data from the iPhone clipboard without warning the user, the professional network LinkedIn (in the lap of Microsoft) is the subject of a complaint. It has been filed in San Franciso court and could lead to class action.

Microsoft Linkedin

According to Reuters, the complainant is a New Yorker who criticizes LinkedIn for spying on users, their computers and other devices nearby, and for circumventing the wait time for Apple’s universal clipboard.

This case echoes the new privacy feature of iOS 14 (and iPadOS 14). She discovered that the LinkedIn application on the iPhone copies the contents of the clipboard after each key press.

As it is a universal clipboard via iCloud, there would be a snowball effect for other sources. LinkedIn had already reacted by mentioning a bug and by emphasizing that there was no storage, nor transmission of the contents of the clipboard.

This was an “equality check between the contents of the clipboard and the content currently entered in a text box.” The code related to this bug has been removed from the LinkedIn application available in the App Store.

The new functionality of iOS 14 also made it possible to point the finger at a reading of the contents of the clipboard by about fifty other applications, including TikTok .