LG to recall some OLED TVs due to overheating issue

LG has recalled thousands of OLED televisions in South Korea for repairs to address the risk of overheating. In total, this will happen with about 60,000 televisions. It concerns eighteen different OLED models that came out in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

LG OLED televisions

LG offers to repair the power boards of the televisions for free, according to the sources. With some of these components, current overflow can occur in the event of deterioration or wear of a component that must regulate the flow. According to ZDNet, the parts to be replaced are part of the power boards. It concerns the power supply in the TVs, where current peaks can occur due to wear in parts for voltage regulation.

This problem can occur in eighteen OLED televisions released in the past four years. According to ZDNet, this includes specific formats for last year’s C9, W9 and B9, for example, the G8, G7 and G6 and the E7 & E6. It is not known whether certain models have to return relatively more often than others. According to LG, this is a voluntary appeal, returning the televisions for the replacement is not enforced by the South Korean authorities.

The South Korean OLED TVs eligible for repair

LG has said that the overheating problem occurs in very few models equipped with the same component, but the company says it will perform a repair for free in the context of consumer safety. According to LG, 22,000 of the 60,000 eligible televisions now have the new parts.

The repairs only apply to televisions sold in South Korea, but it is unclear whether the technical issues may also occur in televisions sold in other countries. According to the sources, the problem so far seems to be only related to LG’s OLED televisions sold in South Korea, but the company is investigating whether it could also emerge in other markets.