LG rolls out Apple TV app for select 2018 smart TVs

LG has started releasing the Apple TV software to some 2018 TV models. The application allows viewers to rent or buy movies and also gives access to the paid streaming service Apple TV +. The software was already available for newer LG TVs.

LG TVs Now Offer Apple TV App

The Apple TV app can be downloaded from LG’s own TV download store. According to the sources, the app is available for 2018 models. To download the Apple TV software, users must update their TV to the latest firmware version. For the B8 and LCD models it is version 05.20.01 and for the C8 models it is 05.20.02.

In the Apple TV app it is possible to buy or rent movies via iTunes and then stream them. The Apple TV + streaming service, which costs five euros per month, can also be reached via the app. LG TVs also support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in conjunction with the app.

LG previously released the Apple TV app for its 2019 and 2020 TVs. The application also runs on a number of TVs from Samsung, Sony and Vizio. The software is also on the Apple TV hardware and a number of Amazon FireTV devices.