LG Optimus Pad Android 3.0 Honeycomb Demo

Android 3.0 Honeycomb is a revolution. The first tablet, available in the market for several months, have not been able to exploit an operating system very reliable. Google, with the release of Android 3.0, has developed a fully dedicated to the tablet and they optimized. This version is very different from earlier and makes the use of digital tablets, an experience more immersive and stress-free.

We currently have a video on a demo of Android 3.0 installed on the tablet LG Optimus Pad, which we have plenty of talk in recent days. The main objective of the OS by Google is to render unnecessary the presence of physical keys on the device. Using a designed user interface, you can control the functionality of each device by the simple use of the fingers on the display. In the lower left are placed links that allow access to the homescreen, the previous page and the page management of multitasking where the active applications are represented in a given time.

The navigation between pages, even considering the strong character-driven multitasking Android 3.0, it becomes so easy and fast. On the bottom right is a clock and some convenient links to access the main functions such as enabling WiFi and Bluetooth and so on. A panel of shortcuts makes the user free to change at any time and instantly, the brightness of the display, flight mode and other parameters. If necessary, you can access a more detailed settings.

The application screen on the device was placed in the top right. “E” by pressing a button which provides access to a window that contains all the content of the tablet and from which to launch any application or game installed. In the same place you placed your “+” button that provides access to functionality related to customize the interface according to your taste and your needs. Android OS 3.0 is and remains a strongly oriented towards the widget.

In the upper left corner is also the Google bar is always available. A handy virtual keyboard makes data entry very easy and intuitive. The gyroscope of Optimus Pad automatically rotates the images on the display based on the orientation of the device. Finally, video can be seen from the extreme reactivity during the browsing through a powerful processor and a dedicated browser. In addition, through the service BookReader, you can download digital books to be read easily by exploiting the panel of the tablet.

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