LG officially announces its battery-powered air purifier mask

LG has built its air treatment technology into a mouth and nose protection – the result looks like something out of a science fiction film. With the Puricare mask LG has a full-face protection presented which, thanks to built-in filter and fan cleans the inspired and expired air. 

LG Air Purifier Mask

To do this, the South Korean manufacturer has built the technology used in stationary air conditioners into a mask. The mask has two H13 HEPA filters and two fans. A breathing sensor records the rhythm and volume of the breathing process and automatically adjusts the fan speed – three levels are possible. In this way, for example, the fans automatically increase the amount of air supplied when breathing faster.

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Mask

The Puricare mask, like many mouth and nose protective masks, is fastened behind the ears with the help of a rubber band. LG does not provide any information on the weight in its press release, only emphasizes that the mask has a light 820 mAh battery. The mask should also be comfortable to wear for several hours. Thanks to a good fit, it should adapt to the face in an almost airtight manner.

Protective cover is supposed to kill bacteria

The Puricare mask comes with a protective case in which it can be charged. The case also has built-in UV LEDs, which are supposed to kill germs on the mask during the charging process. The filters of the mask can be exchanged. If the charging case is connected to a smartphone via LG’s Thinq app, users are automatically notified when the filters need to be changed.

LG Battery-Powered Air Purifier Mask

LG wants to present mouth and nose protection in its virtual press conference as part of IFA 2020. The manufacturer has not yet announced a price. It is also unclear in which countries the mask will be available.