Lenovo ThinkPad notebook safe with SecureDoc

WinMagic and Lenovo, a leader in Full Disk Encryption (FDE) (technology that enables the encryption of all content on a hard disk) announced SecureDoc for Lenovo, the solution that allows you just to do the full disk encryption ( full disk encryption – FDE) for centralized management of the new self-encrypting hard to meet that standard OPAL, Trusted Computing Group specification technology used to encrypt hard drives, SSDs.

Hard drives are compatible with Opal SSC permit the construction of advanced security solutions for a wide range of computing platforms, including desktops and laptops. Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops are among the first PC that will offer hard drives with the standard OPAL for a better level of security and manageability for IT administrators. SecureDoc is available on current and future ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops with the new self-encrypting hard to Opal Hitachi and Seagate Technology.

SecureDoc supports for Lenovo Lenovo ThinkVantage Technologies (TVT), technologies that help your productivity with the creation / image management and migration / deployment and PC Lenovo Rescue and Recovery TVT, which allows users and IT administrators to restore backups, access to file and diagnose problems. Rescue and Recovery implements critical updates for your PC that are damaged or offline and can apply the patch to a PC during a restore operation. SecureDoc Lenovo is already available through Lenovo Business Partners.

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