Lenovo Launches LePad Tablet in China

The Chinese group Lenovo is finally launching its Android LePad touch pad, but in China only. Lenovo Group after the difficult period of global economic crisis of 2008-2009, returned quickly lost ground in the field of PC and has achieved a rapprochement with NEC, also strongly interested in new mobile products.

Lenovo recently recreated a division smartphones and tablets to be used to support a mobile strategy that will pass first through its huge domestic market. After regularly presented at international fairs, Lenovo has finally launched its first LePad touch pad, with a display 10.1″, Android and equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, but only in China.

This particular position will enable Lenovo to test the market at will, without suffering too much pressure of competition, before embarking on international markets. That makes some analysts say that the Chinese group could be the future one of the main rivals of Apple and its iPad tablet 2.

Lenovo future power in the tablets

Lenovo is one of th best placed to take advantage of market growth of touch pads, more so than others like Acer, which rely too much on external resources or as Asus, which has no international presence needed for drilling.

Among analysts, the Lenovo name appears regularly as actors able to capture at least 10% of non iPad shelves this year. The tablet is marketed LePad for the equivalent of about $ 530, slightly more than the first offer of the iPad 2 but it is directly available in Chinese and can align applications in the language of the country, when the tablet iPad 2 is not yet available and is trading more expensive imports.

Also note that, like other manufacturers, Lenovo does not lose sight of the opportunities available tablets on the professional segment.


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