Lenovo Launches Classmate PC Netbook for Students

Intel Classmate, remember is a line of low cost products for education and schools, especially in economically disadvantaged areas. Along with Lenovo, the Californian chipmaker, is ready to launch the new Classmate + which is not very different, technically speaking, the reference design. To enable a targeted distribution policy, the two giants of the technology have provided several different configurations and prices so as to adapt the product to market that will be introduced. The average cost will be around anyway around 300-400 dollars.

The technical configuration includes an Intel Atom N455, which contributes to the low selling price. The system memory is 1 GB and the hard disk offers storage space of 250 GB and is protected against impact. Powered by a lithium ion battery that allows operation close to 8 hours, Classmate +, depending on your needs, may include 3G, WiMAX and integrate, where appropriate, a valuable GPS receiver.

The display has a 10.1-inch diagonal and works at a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. In the frame of the panel is loaded with a webcam with microphone in tow. As a device for younger, has a spill-resistant keyboard. Complete the endowment, WiFi connectivity for connecting to wireless networks. To facilitate the process of education, the publishing house McGraw Hill has scheduled the launch of a special collection of educational software designed to run on their systems classmate.

Classmate + is not available directly to consumers but instead will be distributed to agencies and institutions involved in education. With the Lenovo-Intel agreement strengthens the supply of devices for the school, characterized by low technical and balanced. Even HP is committed to this sector with the 100th Mini , for example. But you can not forget the pioneer of this kind of initiative.

OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) has recently announced its intention to use the ARM low-power devices on upcoming XO-1.75. Among the new features including full support for the multitouch touchscreen technology.

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