LaCie introduces Silver Plated USB stick

Perfectly shaped similar to a stone and the beautiful silver, Galet is an object to show off to friends and colleagues and is a demonstration of how the ‘appearance and functionality can merge seamlessly with everyday life. Galet represents a new way of thinking about technology applied to personal life. Just as a watch or a luxury pen designed by renowned designer, Galet can also become an indispensable accessory.

Handmade in France, each piece is plated with fine silver and refers to the process perfected by Christofle silver in 150 years of experience. It is then strictly controlled to ensure a smooth finish and a brilliant polish, which guarantee excellence. Galet is then hand assembled and packaged in a beautiful gift box, with an elegant and high quality, in the establishment of LaCie to Paris. Once completed this laborious process, the result is a timeless gift that perfectly integrates ease of use and luxury, giving a touch of sophistication to everyday life.

Galet is an object where you can pick up photos and music. It is a USB solution for storage, simple, yet valuable, enabling immediate access to their precious files. Like a rock with a perfect shape, Galet enriches our daily life with ease as they can carry with them wherever they go in your pocket, attached to a keychain or even your neck.

Galet has 4GB of storage and comes with the Private-Public LaCie software that allows for maximum access security password. Galet is on sale at the Christofle boutique around the world for the price of Rs. 6,165/-

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