Koss sues Apple and Bose for allegedly copying wireless headphone tech

Koss has filed suit against five companies for alleged use of proprietary wireless audio technology. Koss has sued Apple, Bose, Skullcandy, Plantronics and Jlab for allegedly violating patents on wireless headphone technology. 

Koss wireless headphone

These are patents 10,206,025 , 10,298,451 , 10,469,934 , 10,491,982 and 10,506,325 registered with the United States Patent Office, all of which describe techniques for audio systems with wireless earbuds. According to Koss, the technologies they pioneered were taken over by Apple and the other companies.

In the indictment, Koss pays a lot of attention to the long history of the company in the field of audio, including the development of the first stereo headphones. The company also claims to have developed the first wireless headphones.

In addition, Koss claims that there have been a number of talks with Apple to explain that Apple’s wireless earbuds, among others, infringe Koss’s patents, but the two companies could not agree, leading the latter to court steps.

In the lawsuit, Koss claims damages for the use of the proprietary technology by the aforementioned companies. The amount of the damage must be determined by the court, if patent infringement is proven.