Konami reveals plans for Pro Evo Soccer 2012

Konami reveals new press release with details and pictures of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, the new installment of the franchise Seabass, which retells many improvements this year to try to win back the players next fall on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2.

IA Activa (Active AI)

PES 2012 struggle to recreate the movements and operation of a football team in practice, where AI is an Active role. Players no longer fall on the ball but it will have to make intelligent runs to create space and draw the scores, while other players will get open and available to receive the pass. At the tactical level, supporting players can make decoy runs diagonally, fold sides and have the support of the midfield.

The new AI routines Active ensure a more natural rhythm game, with specific routines for both attacks to the defense. It has also perfected the way you hold pressure on a specific player in order to increase control over the game. The defensive play will be a priority of the game, as well as controlling the distance between players, which will delay their positions so that together we can cover any gaps. As individual players may also take decisions to close spaces and block the opposite.

Fighting for possession

The physicist is a key component in PES 2012, in which the strength of the player is one of the basic attributes, and whose control is of vital importance in a shock-on-one. Now players will react depending on how they are attacked, with new animations that show a more realistic collision between them.


Have been strengthened several aspects of the game such as facial expressions and lighting engine, now much more lifelike than ever with cameras able to show the movements that occur around the pitch, more detailed than ever.

Control of the players without the ball (Off The Ball Control)

One of the highlights is the possibility of using a given player at any time. For this we have implemented a new system that allows users to easily change player. On defense, the right stick is used to select any player on the field, a system that can be used also in the set pieces. In door shots, launch corners, fouls and throw-ins quickly be permitted to have control over any player who does not have the ball, allowing intelligent runs that create space in attack.

Artificial Intelligence referees

Referees are also crucial to ensure the pace in the game, for it has maximized the AI ​​of the members, and ensure fewer stoppages in play. It has dramatically improved its performance in making decisions, applying the advantage rule, and more appropriate decisions on offsides and fouls. The arbitrators will intervene only when strictly necessary, but must caution players with cards once the game has been interrupted by another action.

Help system passes (Pass Support)

Accessible through the settings for each player, this system will determine the level of assistance from the IA in passing. Players can choose one of five configurations of support from the older configuration that will disable any assistance, for which users will have to take into account the direction, strength and weight of all of his passes each .


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