Kingston DataTraveler 4000 SafeConsole

Specially developed for businesses, the DT4000-M uses the FIPS-certified software SafeConsole Kingston Blockmaster signed to provide protection, flexibility and centralized management control at the highest levels, but at an affordable cost.

Instead, data from other sources show an increase of 400% of the loss of USB drives in 2010, an employee in 10 has lost a USB stick containing business information. Moreover, a recent survey conducted by Blockmaster revealed that 76% of workers have used USB devices of unknown origin in the computer business, thus increasing the risk of transmission of viruses and malware to the network society.

Encryption protects sensitive information from unauthorized access, yet complicated in part the use of storage media: the employees are therefore often prefer to drive more “consumer”, easy to use but certainly less secure. And this is precisely the scenario that emerged during the Cambridgeshire County Council held last February. Just on the basis of all these considerations you insert the DT4000-M, the only drive on the corporate market that can fully meet the needs of business:

  • Security at an affordable cost: hardware-based encryption and strong, FIPS 140-2 Level 2 for the entire cryptographic module at a lower cost than competing solutions;
  • Custom control to a high level of reliability and strict management system with locking device in case of loss or loss without reconstruction, simple configuration based on customizable criteria, auditing and backup functions according to law;
  • Ease-to-use: Easy to use, offers features such as remote password reset and other customization options.

The DT4000-M completes the technical characteristics of the DataTraveler Vault Privacy – Managed recently launched through the integration of software SafeConsole Blockmaster signed, a leader in the field of security that offers the best centralized management systems on the market. Blockmaster Kingston and are present at Infosecurity Europe 2011 Conference, the event dedicated to computer security course in recent days in London (stand F60 and D91).

The DT4000-M goes to enrich the range of USB solutions safe for companies to meet both the needs of more traditional companies common, is dictated by the most stringent government standards that require a level of security at the highest levels.

Kingston DataTraveler 4000-M Features:

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Certification
  • TAA Compliance
  • Safe: after 10 intrusion attempts drive locks and the encryption key is destroyed. Configuring rules for strong passwords based on your customized criteria, including password length and type of characters (numbers, uppercase, lowercase and special characters). It works even if you have disabled the autorun
  • Full Encryption – 100% of stored data is protected by encryption hardware-based Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit CBC mode
  • Customizable: password length, maximum number of attempts to access, pre-loaded content
  • Tamper Seal: seal / tamper-proof coating for added security
  • Guaranteed: five-year warranty and technical support 24 / 7
  • Solid: water-resistant casing of stainless steel with titanium coating
  • Easy to use: there is no need administrator rights and do not need to install anything
  • Designed in the U.S.
  • Dimensions: 22mm x 77.9 mm x 12.05 mm
  • Speed: up to 18MB / s read and 10MB / s write
  • Capacity: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
  • Compatibility: designed to USB 2.0 specifications
  • Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 60 ° C
  • Storage temperature: -20 ° C to 85 ° C
  • Minimum system requirements: Complies with USB 2.0 and compatible with the previous 1.1

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