JBL Unveils On Beat Dock for iPad, iPhone, and Anything iOS

The JBL manufacturer, who is renowned in the world of sound, has announced a new device compatible with different mobile devices from the firm at the apple. Responding on behalf of OnBeat, it is a 2.0 audio system capable of delivering up to 7.5 Watts of RMS power per channel with a frequency response between 70 and 20,000 Hz. In short, no big sound but a device for sound with an extra small room as a bedroom.

With its rotating base provided with slogans extensible, it can keep the iPod, the iPhone smartphone or touch pad iPad vertically or horizontally according to use. In the case of vertical surfing and horizontally in the case of video viewing. The while recharging the battery from the device, the system is powered on OnBeat sector.

But that’s not all since it has also a component video output for enjoying video and photo content on the living room TV. Not forgetting to mention to end the presence of a 3.5 mm auxiliary input that allows connection to a USB MP3 player or a netbook for example, and the provision of a small remote control to direct the whole.

Available in shades of white and black, the JBL OnBeat sound system cost goes for 179 euros.

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