iPhone 5 to Come with ‘Apple A5′ Dual-Core Processor

Engadget claims to have information about the five future iPhone to be launched next summer.

The iPhone 5, next evolution of the smartphone Apple will not look like the iPhone 4. So says the site Engadget well-informed sources but not cited. Drafts of the terminal are already being tested in Apple’s Cupertino campus and in the hands of executives handpicked.

Can not let dragging pre-series models in the nearby bars, as was the case last year. Anyway, it’s still a bit early to start the buzz, even informally. But the iPhone 5 should not be an improved copy of the iPhone 4, as was the iPhone 3G’s, 3G overlooked.

Perhaps the case of Antennagate prompted Apple to design early renewal of the unit. Engadget says that the iPhone will carry a 5 Apple A5 processor using ARM Cortex-A9 dual core. With the first announcement of dual core smartphone at CES 2011 in Las Vegas and knowing that the new iPhone should not be launched before the summer, we would have suspected.

Qualcomm modems in mobile devices Apple

Another element the U.S. website confirms what we suggested from January 12 , it is Qualcomm, which should provide cellular modems in mobile products, Apple (iPhone and iPad), in replacement of Infineon, for all variants to come.

The future iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 should inherit a GSM / UMTS / CDMA2000 but they should not be compatible with the LTE networks, including that of Verizon Wireless in the United States.

In terms of the iPad 2, Engadget claims that the tablet is not yet ready to be commercialized immediately and he will likely wait until April. Again, one would have suspected. It seems there is frequent confusion between the date of presentation of product and its effective distribution.

The tablet should always have a display 10 “but with technology moving towards the Retina screen of the iPhone 4 (the resolution of this new display, expected to be high, that debate) and will be thinner than the current model.

As expected, it will have a camera on the back and front of a webcam but it will also have a port for SD memory cards. Confirmation (or not) of these rumors should no longer delay.

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