iPhone 12 Could Ship With New Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable

This is information that has been circulating for several weeks, the iPhone 12 would be delivered without charger. On the other hand, Apple could provide a better quality Lightning cable. If we trust the rumors circulating on the web, the next generation of iPhone would be delivered without charger in the box. Apple has never been particularly generous when it comes to accessories, but this would be a new step.

iphone 12 USB-C braided cable

A better quality Lightning cable? 

According to blogger @L0vetodream a Lightning to USB-C cable would still be in the box.

He shared pictures of said cable which is also braided which should improve its durability. As reported by our colleagues from Macrumors, it would be 1.05 meters in length and 3.04 mm in thickness, which corresponds more or less to the current cable.

iphone 12 USB-C braided lightning cable

It would also be compatible with fast charging with the possibility of recovering up to 50% of battery in 30 minutes. Apple may sell a new 20W power adapter on a standalone basis, allowing customers to purchase a power adapter separately from Apple or from a third-party manufacturer.