Intel MeeGo Change the Interface

When, less than two months ago, Nokia announced an agreement with Microsoft for the adoption of Windows 7 Phone smartphone on its future, thus effectively permanently troubled by the joint development of MeeGo were many to give up for lost the mobile operating system created by the unification of two previous projects at Intel and the Finnish company. IDF 2011 in Beijing during these days in the house instead of Santa Clara has surprised everyone by showing an engineering sample of tablet equipped with the new Atom processor Z670 Oak Trail (coming in late May) and MeeGo operating system, however has a completely redesigned interface.

The news are different, because the GUI looks much changed from the one shown just a few months ago at the Mobile World Congress. Now the general appearance is much more polished and clean, thanks to the most stylized of the windows, which look a bit interface of Windows 7 Phone Metro. The navigation system also is more intuitive and completely redesigned for use on devices with touch. The windows appear to float like time, at least in part, three-dimensional virtual space on the desktop instead of being rigidly held in a horizontal band in the former version.

The presence of a new icon also indicates the possibility to customize the look and functions of the operating system, at least to a certain extent. The launcher program then looks more like an Apple IOS, many with large icons for each application, with the difference that here you can rearrange the block exemption. Now also in the home screen, make their appearance calendar, player and program management of photographic collections with three-dimensional navigation controls.

Standard browser such as Opera Mobile also was the terminus 11. The feeling is that the usability of the word has much improved and is now able to compete with Apple’s iOS or Google Android. At Intel not only remains to hope for the adoption of MeeGo and especially in support of the community of third-party developers, who might now begin to be interested to offer software for this new touch-friendly software platform.

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