Instagram to ask Government ID from suspicious account holders

Suspicious Instagram accounts may need to go through the identity verification box. A breach may be penalized by deactivation. Instagram is introducing new measures to control the authenticity of published content. They target accounts with potentially non-authentic behavior that will have to go through identity verification, if necessary.

Instagram to verify suspicious accounts

In addition to bots, accounts that may attempt to mislead users are in the crosshairs. For the accounts concerned, they will be asked to provide an identity document. Otherwise, Instagram may downgrade their publications, or even deactivate accounts.

According to Instagram, the change in policy will only affect a small part of their community.

“This includes accounts potentially engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior, or when we find that the majority of their followers are in a different country than theirs, or if we detect signs of automation for example.”

After effective verification of identity, further examination measures could be undertaken. Identity documents will be stored and deleted from the group’s systems within 30 days.

In the fold of Facebook, Instagram takes here measures comparable to those of the most used social networks in the world with the Pages.