Instagram launches QR Codes support globally

To open a profile from any application, Instagram introduces the QR Code which takes the place of the Nametag. In the settings of the Instagram application on mobile, a novelty appears. A user can directly generate a QR Code. A few customization options are also offered for the background accompanying the QR Code (color, emoji, selfie).

Instagram launches QR codes

This QR Code can be shared and with the possibility of scanning it from any third party application using the smartphone camera. A means of facilitating access to a profile on Instagram which may particularly appeal to companies in these times of contactless.

According to The Verge, such a feature was pre-launched in Japan last year, before it was now available globally.

All this is reminiscent of the Nametag system that had been previously implemented, with the difference that it was confined only to the Instagram application. Nametag is giving way to a more open QR Code system.