HTC Flyer One Million Units Already Ordered

The HTC manufacturer is about to succeed his bet in the differentiation of the shelves with its HTC Flyer? Reports from Taiwan and China suggest.

At the MWC 2011 in Barcelona, HTC has unveiled its first HTC Flyer Android tablet. At a time when competitors have focused on the performance of their tablets, the risk of having very similar products, the Taiwanese manufacturer has chosen an axis differ by emphasizing usability and services.

The tablet does not Honeycomb Android, which allows HTC to offer its Sense interface which plays two roles, improving usability by facilitating access to key features and provide a common user experience to all its products, distinct from that other manufacturers.

The HTC Flyer also calls for every day the stylus, which is rare since the era of all touch, making her a shelf organizer/ notepad/ drawing book, especially since the screen has a diagonal of 7-inch, offering a format small enough to be carried around.

Finally, HTC has negotiated partnerships to offer VOD services (HTC Watch) and online gaming (with OnLive) to extend the capabilities of the tablet in entertainment. Without going to the gates of content and services that may offer some competitors, it adds a richness that other products do not possess.

Operators deceived?

A risky strategy at a time when the press swears by the tablet which has the largest (either configuration, screen resolution, CPU power), but had still received good echoes among operators, as admitted by its CEO Peter Chou, days after his announcement.

Information that seems to be confirmed by the Economic Times newspaper, echoed by Digitimes, which suggests that HTC has already received orders for one million units, enabling it to organize its production needs until late August 2011.

The price of HTC tablettte Flyer is still not known but it could be around $ 600, between 2 and Samsung iPad Galaxy Tab.


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