HP Wants Windows 8 Tablets, Dell Joins

With the dominant presence of Apple and the launch of Amazon Kindle Fire, manufacturers of tablet stalled, awaiting the arrival of Windows 8 and its spread of digital tablets. HP and Dell have confirmed that they will be releasing Windows 8 based tablet computers in the 3rd quarter of 2012. HP and Dell choose the future Microsoft operating system. These two companies are moving in that direction because of the fierce competition in the Android arena.

The tablet market is highly unbalanced: Apple with its iPad tablet occupies over 70% of the market, while the rest is in the hands of all other small producers who are fighting for market share. With Android, some companies have decided to abandon the development of digital tablets or semplicemnete to review its business strategy. With the arrival of Kindle Fire, an ebook-reader tablet with Android at the starting price of $ 200, the competition between manufacturers has become more difficult.

According to some producers, the future operating system, Microsoft may be a viable alternative to Android, an attractive weapon for competition. There is no shortage of official applications such as Kindle for PC, Kobo Desktop App, Sony Reader, Microsoft Reader, Kobo Reader and many more! Notebook makers will also, naturally, put effort into providing apps for Windows 8 tablets, the same way software makers will. The fact that HP is considering tablets is a fairly intriguing bit of data, especially after all the TouchPad drama that is still not over.

Digitimes reports today in an article that some companies, like Dell and HP may decide to develop a tablet with Windows 8, by the third quarter of 2012. The price war in the segment of the industry strongly influences Android tablet, however, facilitating the introduction of new alternative tablet with the future Microsoft OS. In particular, Dell would be thinking of a tablet with Windows Professional 8, while Lenovo will continue to focus on Android for its range of ThinkPad Tablet.

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