HP EliteBook 8560W Compact Flash slot with CFast

A few days ago we had talked about the new series of desktop replacement HP EliteBook 8460W, 8560W and 8760W mobile workstation equipped with powerful hardware and particularly characterized by an impeccable design, addressed to the professional world.

The detail is interesting in many ways, both because it would be the first notebook to offer support to this type of memories and because we are talking about a new and much better performance standards. With a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 300 MB / s because the new CFast is significantly faster than normal Compact Flash, who stop to a maximum of 133 MB / s, and almost three times higher than even SDXC (eXtended Secure Digital Capacity) with their 104 MB / s peak.

Currently on the market in reality there is no device that supports the new standard that CFast also using SATA, CompactFlash differs electrically from normal and is not even backward compatible. If, however, HP has really taken the slot on its new desktop replacement may be a plea, which could be interpreted as an indication for future developments. Indeed it was suggested that Nikon or Canon could soon introduce new models of high-end SLR or medium with this new type of memory, in which case HP EliteBook 8560W become the new object of desire of every professional photographer, thanks to his powerful hardware that makes it the ideal workmate for editing.

At the moment however there is no certainty about it, because the slot is only on 15-inch model, while the other two Elitebook 8460W and 8760W will seem lacking. In addition to other official photographs, in which the three models are seen together, the slot is absent. It may therefore be a misprint in the photos used by the American, who may have incorrectly entered in the official communications of some old picture of a prototype, then changed in the allocation of ports being developed.

To know the truth so you just have to wait for the availability of the first models on the market. Recall that the HP EliteBook 8460W, 8560W and 8760 W will be available from next May from the United States at a price of respectively 1299, 1349 and $ 1899.

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