How To: Install Hidden Themes on Windows 7

Installing Hidden Themes in Windows 7

Many of us doesn’t know that Windows 7 has hidden themes in it. On first start, Windows 7 requires the user to choose the language, time and currency format and keyboard type. That’s when the specific Aero themes are allocated according to the chosen language. The theme will be installed in accordance with the country that we choose. If we choose the US, Windows 7 will install US Theme.

There are many awesome cool themes inside Windows 7 operating system. Depending upon the country you choose, Windows7 shows you themes which will be available by default. Inorder to install it, you need to openup your  Windows Explorer and then need to go to “Folder and Search Options” from “Organize” button.

Then under “View” tab, you need to check mark on “Show hidden files, folders and drives”. You need to remove  check mark on “Hide protected operating system files (Recomended)“. A warning dialog box will appear on your screen, you just need to click on “Yes”.

Now, you should go to folder “C:WindowsGlobalizationMCT” or simply go to C: \ Windows \ Globalization \ MCT (by typing in the search field of menu or directly in a browser window). There you will have many subdirectories on the MTC-country_code (eg. MCT-AU for Australia, MCT-CA for Canada, MCT-GB for United Kingdom, MCT-US for US, and MCT-ZA is for South Africa.

In each of these sub-directories, there is theme installer that contains the wallpapers and theme of the country and a file name of the country.

Simply browse to each respective theme folder and double-click on the .theme file to install the theme.

That’s It!! You can now use the newly installed theme.







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