How to convert videos to VOB and MKV to MP4 PS3

Sure many of you have video files in MKV format and I have found with the disadvantage of not being able to play on your PS3, well, this tutorial you can convert to a format your console can recognize, to enjoy smooth videos in HD.

It is essential to have the updated console firmware 1.82 or higher.
On the one hand explain how to go from MKV to MP4 format and the other how to do a VOB. Each has its advantages and disadvantages so the choice is yours, but you are worth the two formats to view them with your console.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MP4 files:

  • If the movie we’re going to convert MP4 weighs more than 4 GB, we split the file into 2 pieces, since the PS3 does not support files greater than 4GB at the moment, this causes an error that does not listen files converted to the format. (Not yet a solution in a future update.)
    The audio is in stereo, it is not possible to put in 5.1, but in stereo, plus the disadvantage is that it only applies to amplifiers with ACC.

Advantages and disadvantages of the VOB files:

  • This format is fully valid in any audio amplifier and have no problems in 5.1.
    Unlike the MP4 files, presents no problem with the size of the files and has no size limitation of 4GB.
    The main drawback is that there is no fast forward, only limited to 1.5X, so it is advisable to see the movie Hitch.

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