Hercules Diamond Speakers

Hercules has created a new set of speakers in the shape of diamond, for users who want to give a touch of style and “glamorous” over the way they listen to music: HERCULES XPS DIAMOND USB 2.0.

Featuring two mini-satellites for PC, Mac or netbook, the new sound system HERCULES XPS DIAMOND USB ​​2.0 is designed for women who want to give a touch of glamor to your computer, with an original accessory, compact and chic. For your enjoyment the music and video with ease, anywhere. The unique and stunning design is characterized by transparency and elegant black lacquer fi nish.

Full Function USB speaker, or both power and audio signals travel through the single USB cable kit is perfect for users looking for an easy solution to connect and use. From now on, power is an old memory. In addition, a mini-command line allows you to control the speaker volume. The compact size of the satellite speakers, only 9cm diameter with separate compartments, give even more charm to this set of speakers, enabling users to take it everywhere with him, simply, XPS DIAMOND kit, along with your laptop or netbook.

And last but not least important, despite its small size, the XPS DIAMOND USB ​​2.0 offers a crisp and bright sound to enjoy music, movies and other applications. Without doubt, the XPS DIAMOND 2.0 USB speakers are born to become the favorite accessory of users both on holiday at home or office. The kit speaker Hercules XPS DIAMOND USB ​​2.0 will be available from May 2011, at recommended retail price of € 39.99 (VAT included).


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