Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Game Review

After Melody Magic , The Tree of Serenity and the spin-off original Rune Factory Frontier , the farmer series Harvest Moon Wii comes with the Parade of Animals, a more traditional episode where he was again subject to cultivate his garden. But by returning the same land and cultivate the same hay, do we risk does not drop the hoe?

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As always in the series Harvest Moon , the party begins with the discovery of an old farmhouse in which he must revive: redesign the body, people find small furry and feathered for the house and the barn and, of course , tend the fields. Fortunately, despite the difficulty of this life of toil and labor, the small farmer can go to discuss problems with his little friends and the villagers, who knows, find a wife (or husband if you start the game with a farm) among the ten singles. And since you’re not in Love is in the field, it will use the old school method, namely the galleys for large reinforcements of small attentions and gifts.

Life is so busy for farmers, but the days go slowly enough to give us time to properly manage our firm while engaged in freedom for other activities as varied as mining, fishing or race gossip. If the gameplay of the series does not change, The Parade of Animals is nevertheless a fairly complete episode and even offers a few innovations.

Indeed, the title is not misleading: this new version of the series of farm Natsume puts the package aside animals and does not hesitate to play the card of the originality alongside traditional chickens, sheep and other cows, we discover lions, giraffes or ostriches. And even pandas. It has a pet to cuddle and be pampered. What to bring some fresh blood in the series because, besides that, The Parade of Animals is still too classical. He also suffers from some annoying minor defects, such as loading times a bit boring whenever you change zone, or this camera fixed not to move.

If only it was better placed, perhaps we will lose a little bit less because in the state, it is not always easy to see where it goes. And despite relatively empty outdoor environments and less detailed than Rune Factory Frontier , although rather pretty and colorful Parade of Animals strangely lack of fluidity. Like the most recent episodes of the series Harvest Moon , this latest is a far cry from its ancestors, starting with the ever good Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life . Nevertheless, the title is appealing and especially what to take with its long service life and the many pastoral activities it offers.


Since it is produced at a speed industrial Harvest Moon series is struggling to renew. Proof once again with Harvest Moon: The Parade of Animals, which, if we can cross lots of nice exotic stuffed animals, is still a fairly standard episode. The gameplay is certainly always pleasant and it takes dozens and dozens of hours to discover everything as always, but we must accept it again and again the same game just a few little problems like the time loading and fixed camera are also taint this bucolic picture, if not the charm of yesteryear, however, remains fun to play.


  • Concept still effective
  • An effective game mechanics
  • Excellent life
  • Full of animals
  • Plenty of activities


  • Chick in news
  • Load times
  • The fixed camera
  • The lack of fluidity

Tech 5 Score: 6/10.

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