Google’s Stadia controller finally works wirelessly with Android devices

An update is being deployed to connect the Stadia controller with a smartphone, without using a cable.

The cloud gaming is in a so-between. The promise of being able to play from any device is beautiful, but the system is still far from perfect from all points of view. Critics are still important, a lack of flexibility in use, performances that are not there or even a catalog of limited games. Google is obviously aware of this situation and is working to correct Stadia’s faults.

Google Stadia

Wireless, but on the same WiFi network

The firm has just confirmed on its site that it is now possible to use the wireless controller to play from an Android mobile device. It may seem surprising, but until now, you had to connect your smartphone with a cable.

The update has been rolled out since June 30. Make sure you have the latest version of the Stadia app to take advantage of this feature. There is however a flat, it is necessary that the two devices are connected on the same Wi-Fi network. We thus forget the nomadic aspect which is however essential in cloud gaming. Recall that Stadia does not work in 4G – although rumors indicate that  this may change in the near future.