Google’s Android TV dongle could be coming soon

Google has filed documents with the FCC pertaining to two wireless devices. This may be the Android TV dongle and its remote control that Google is rumored to be working on.

Sabrina TV Dongle

The documents Google submitted to the FCC concern the GZRNL and G9N9N . The GZRNL is described as an interactive media streaming device and the G9N9N as simply a wireless device. 9to5Google speculates that it is the Android TV dongle and its remote control, which Google is reportedly working on under the name Sabrina.

FCC approval is required in the US to sell devices with wireless functionality. Details about the devices cannot be extracted from the documents. Companies can stipulate that details remain confidential temporarily and will be made public after introduction.

Rumors about the arrival of the dongle with Android TV and remote control as the successor to the Chromecast Ultra date back to March. The price would be about $ 80 and the release would take place in the summer. Images of the oval dongle also appeared, from firmware.