Google will soon release 64-bit version Chrome for Android

Google is going to make a 64-bit version of its Chrome browser that will soon replace the current 32-bit version. As of Chrome 85, the software appears to be offered as a 64-bit variant, as long as the device is running Android 10.

64-bit Chrome for Android

It discovered Android Police, who took the information from the Chromium developer channel Dev and Canary. There, Chrome 85 and 86 are currently being developed, indicating that they run on 64 bit. Chrome 83 and 84, which have already been released by Google, still work with 32 bit. Chrome 85 will probably be released in August.

Android Police tried out the developer version of the 64-bit browser and saw it perform slightly better in benchmarks than the previous version. How this translates to performance in use cases is not yet clear.

The intention is that from Chrome 85 Android devices will work as standard on the 64-bit version of the browser. However, this requires a device that runs at least Android version 10; there are few Android devices that have this version of the operating system.