Google will launch Android 11 on September 8

In a document addressed to developers, Google has confirmed the launch date of Android 11. In a video document originally sent to developers and shared on the web, Google discusses the release date of its next OS, Android 11.

Android 11 Logo

Google has distributed leaflets for application developers and publishers with a checklist to help them meet their software release deadlines to match the release of Android 11.

Android 11 Checklist

Usually, Google does not provide a precise date and remains rather elusive on the deadlines left to publishers, evoking the beginning or the end of the month. This time, the brand clearly indicates in its title “Checklist for the launch of Android 11 on September 8”.

In addition, Michele Turner, who presents the video adds vocally (and everything is subtitled) that Google will launch Android 11 on September 8 and that the support of publishers and developers is very important for the brand.

Google should not change its strategy and keep the exclusivity of Android 11 on its Pixel smartphones for a few weeks before seeing the OS declined on third-party devices.