Google to change its monetization policy on the YouTube platform

Google has decided to change its monetization policy on the YouTube platform, and will soon be offering more advertising. In a few weeks, the 8-minute videos will be affected by the advertising interlude. The option will be activated by default for all content creators, but it will be possible to deactivate it via the settings.


YouTube logo

In the beginning of the month, more advertising on YouTube will be needed. The bad news comes from the fact that this change will be retroactive: all videos of 8 minutes will see the option activated by default and it will be necessary to manually manage each video already published to deactivate the functionality. The operation promises to be particularly tedious for channels with several hundred videos on YouTube and who do not wish to see their content interspersed with advertising spots.

For Google, this is not only to generate more revenue, but also to encourage users to switch to premium YouTube, the paid offer devoid of advertising.

The choice of YouTube is particularly contested on social networks on the side of content creators and users: many regret that Google is working more to degrade the experience of the classic YouTube offer, failing to fail to make its Premium offer truly attractive or even legitimate.