Google Removes 25 Malicious Google Play Apps Stealing Facebook Login Credentials

Once again, Google is forced to sort through the Play Store. 25 malicious apps which, by the way, have been downloaded more than 2.3 million times, have been removed from the store. Suffice to say that the harm is potentially very important for users.

Google Play

ZDNet obtained a report from cyber-security company Evina which provides details on how the system works.

According to a report from French cyber-security firm Evina shared with ZDNet today.

Phishing technique

These were “traditional” applications, everyday tools, such as pedometers, photo and video editors or even flashlights. They worked in a very classic way, except that they were able to detect the applications that opened on the phone. When it was Facebook, a window imitating the social network login page slid over to retrieve user data. The information was then sent to a server at which no longer exists.

Google was informed of the situation at the end of May, some of the applications had been available on the Play Store for more than a year.


Source:  Evina