Google promises not to use Fitbit health data for ads

To obtain the approval of the European Commission, Google further assures that health data will not be used for advertising purposes with the buyout of Fitbit.

This agreement concerns devices, not data”, said Google in a statement obtained by Reuters. The Mountain View group here refers to the takeover of specialist in sports watches and wristbands Fitbit.

Fitbit Logo

We appreciate the opportunity to work with the European Commission on an approach that preserves consumer expectations that data from Fitbit devices will not be used for advertising purposes,” added Google.

In November 2019, Google announced the $ 2.1 billion buyout of Fitbit, but the transaction has yet to be finalized. According to Reuters, Google has offered not to use health data for targeted advertising, in order to obtain the approval of the European Commission.

The concerns of the European executive are at the level of competition with an impact on other applications and the digital health market, as well as for targeted advertising.

Following Google’s proposal, the European Commission is expected to vote on August 4 (with the possibility of further investigating).

Google’s commitment is in any case not really new and echoes the statements made during the announcement of the takeover of Fitbit. Some NGOs continue to have doubts.