Google Maps starts showing traffic lights on Android

The Google Maps mobile application is offering more and more services, including real-time information. But some basic information was missing from the mapping software. Google Maps is integrating more and more features and now red lights are being reported.

Google Maps tests showing traffic lights in the US

Thus, if the traffic lights had arrived under Apple Plans with iOS 13, Google Maps had not yet integrated this data into its knowledge base. This is now a settled thing, at least for the USA since many users report having finally been able to see icons of traffic lights appear at the crossroads of urban areas.

The integration of the data remains however rather discreet and the voice guidance does not evoke the presence of lights. Furthermore, there is no question of obtaining a traffic light status in real time for now. But things should change.

The indication of traffic lights could be taken care of in the calculation of the route or the follow-up of this one: by taking advantage of the user base, Google could estimate the time of cycle of the lights, then propose a return in real-time traffic conditions, but also the traffic light display. In addition, statistics integrating the duration of the traffic light cycle could emerge, allowing the application to refine its route calculation to offer a faster route to the user by making him avoid the longest crossroads.