Google Chrome update brings better tab management

Google is expanding the possibilities for grouped tabs in Chrome. The new version of Chrome will deliver up to 10% faster page loads on computer. Google is also emphasizing improvements with the management of tabs. Chrome will also allocate more resources to tabs in use at the expense of background tabs for a long time.

64-bit Chrome for Android

According to Google, the ability to expand and collapse groups of tabs was a much-requested feature. Starting with Chrome version 83, Google is testing the feature of creating groups of tabs. Because they can quickly collapse and expand those groups, users can store more tabs on their screen and it is easier to keep an overview.

Google has not yet activated the feature for everyone, but says it has started releasing it. It is possible for all users to turn on the function in Chrome 85 by navigating to chrome://flagsand activating the flags Tab Groups and Tab Groups Collapse.

Google Chrome 85

Google is also changing the display of tabs in Chrome’s tablet mode. Navigating through open tabs should be made easier with a larger view. This new view will come to Chromebooks first. In addition, Google is improving PDF integration in Chrome. In the coming weeks it should become possible to fill in and save PDF forms in the browser.

Chrome 85 also makes opening tabs faster. Profile Guided Optimization ensures that tabs load up to ten percent faster, according to Google. Furthermore, Google announced that the throttling tabs will be added to the beta version of Chrome. In addition, tabs in the background are allocated fewer resources, so that they become available to tabs in the foreground. When used on mobile devices, this would also provide better battery life.