Ghost Of Tsushima becomes Sony’s fastest selling original IP for PS4

Ultimate major exclusive of the PS4 era, Ghost of Tsushima has visibly convinced players. Indeed, the new license of Sucker Punch achieved a real success in terms of sales.

 Ghost of Tsushima

Presented for the first time during Paris Games Week 2017, Ghost of Tsushima seems to have experienced a complicated development. 

However, almost three long years after its initial announcement, the game is enjoying both critical and commercial success. And he even allows himself the luxury of beating a nice record in the process.

The last bright days of the PS4

PlayStation announced on Twitter that Ghost of Tsushima is now the fastest-selling new PS4 license across the world. Indeed, the exclusivity sold to 2.4 million units just three days after its release. A beautiful result which remains quite far from the phenomenon The Last of Us Part II which pointed to 4 million copies in the same period of time.

Playstation -Twitter

The game lacks ideas and refinement on certain aspects according to the sources, Ghost of Tsushima offers a sumptuous open world that has been able to charm players. In short, it is an end of generation in apotheosis before the arrival of the PS5 in a few months.