Get ready for the Battery-saver App for Android phone

Android based smartphones are selling like hot cakes in the gadget world. But not many of us, who uses it, are able to handle it properly. In fact, we don’t even know some of its functions still now! One of such mysterious functions is- how to save battery in an Android phone?

Well, don’t start mishandling your phone now; you may end up doing the wrong thing! Just switch to the newly launched app called the PowerMax. This app is exclusively meant for those smartphones that has Google Android OS. So, no more tensions about the power saving technique and no more worries about- why my phone is showing low battery especially when I need it?

This super cool app claims to double up the battery life of Andriod smartphones. it monitors and control the functions like 2G/3G/4G, WiFi, FM, GPS and Bluetooth. It can put radios to sleep as per you needs. Isn’t that cool? A savior indeed!

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