GeekBench 5 shows great results for Mac mini running SoC ARM

GeekBench 5 gives us a first glimpse of the performance offered by the ARM A12Z chip, integrated into the Mac Mini of the x86 / ARM transition kit. These first Mac ARMs have been provided by Apple to developers since its last WWDC conference.

Mac mini running SoC ARM

In June at WWDC conference, Apple unveiled the main lines of its ambitious project to transition to “Apple Silicon” ARM processors dedicated to its future Macs. To facilitate the gradual abandonment of Intel’s x86 processors (a first since 2005 and the elimination of Power PC processors) in favor of SoCs designed in-house, especially in terms of software, Apple has been offering for a few weeks a composed transition kit including a Mac Mini powered by an A12Z SoC.

GeekBench 5 offers us this week a first glimpse of the performance of Mac Mini and for Apple’s in-house processors on MacOS Big Sur.

A first Benchmark carried out natively on the Mac Mini ARM

According to the sources, these are not the first benchmarks that have reached us for the Mac Mini from the Developer Transition Kit, but they are the first carried out directly on the device and its A12Z processor. A solution that impacts performance and thus truncated result.

According to the information attached to the benchmark carried out this week natively on the Mac Mini ARM, the tests were carried out by going through the Recovery mode, and by disabling both the security functions and the coding applications preinstalled on the device.