Garmin Launches Solar Editions of its Popular Smartwatches

The success of the Fenix ​​6X Pro Solar watch led Garmin to extend the integration of its Power Glass photovoltaic glass onto its latest connected sports watches. A little less than a year ago, Garmin renewed its range of top-of-the-range Fenix ​​6 connected sports watches and took the opportunity to present a Fenix ​​6X Pro Solar variant which has the distinction of carrying a transparent Power Glass, allowing continuous charging.

Garmin updates some of its most popular watches with solar charging

Garmin Instinct Solar

This innovation will now be found on a whole set of the brand’s connected watches, enabling it to be offered more widely. It is the Garmin Instinct Solar, variation of the Garmin Instinct, which plays the opening range for the Power Glass by promising an endless autonomy (subject to having enough light) in energy saving mode and 2 months with GPS activated in Shipping mode.

Garmin Instinct Solar

In Smartwatch mode, it has 24 days of autonomy without solar recharging and more than 50 days if the environment is sufficiently sunny. There are two variants:

  • Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Edition : waterproof up to 100 meters, with special surfer activity profile (number of waves surfed, longest wave, maximum speed, surf time)
  • Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical Edition : “ideal for military operations”, it embeds a stealth mode hiding the position of the user and can be combined with night vision goggles.

Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar

To this are added the connected sports watches Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar and Fenix ​​6S Pro Solar, also equipped with Power Glass and intended for demanding athletes.

Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar

The Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar will be able to reach 16 days of autonomy in smartwatch mode with the help of the solar charge while the Fenix ​​6S Pro Solar will go up to a little more than 10 days.

You will find activity profiles for surfing, mountain biking and indoor climbing, with monitoring of parameters specific to these sports.

Compatible with Garmin Pay for contactless payment, they are also capable of carrying out precise activity, sports and sleep monitoring and display a map for hikes but also ski areas and tens of thousands of golf courses, bringing together thus all of Garmin’s know-how generally offered in dedicated watches.

Garmin tactix Delta Solar

Finally, the Garmin tactix Delta Solar Edition watch plays on its impact resistance thanks to MIL-STD-810 certification and a long 24-day autonomy thanks to Power Glass and a Power Manager mode allowing to deactivate certain functions of the watch. to preserve autonomy.

Garmin tactix Delta Solar

There is the stealth mode masking the GPS but also an emergency button erasing all the data, mapping and a night vision mode. This is a watch for action professionals.

Garmin smartwatches with Power Glass are available now:

  • Garmin Instinct Solar: € 399.99
  • Garmin Instinct Solar Surf, Camo, Tactical: € 449.99
  • Garmin Fenix ​​6 / 6S Pro Solar: € 749.99 to € 949.99
  • Garmin tactix Delta Solar:  1,099