Garmin Fitness Tracking Service Goes Down Worldwide

Garmin is struggling with a major outage. This includes the company’s Connect services, but the help desk is also unreachable. This is rumored to be caused by a ransomware infection, although this has not yet been confirmed.

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The outage started this morning and has not been resolved at the time of writing. Initially, the company reported on Twitter that the malfunction was caused by maintenance, but a few hours later, Garmin stated that it is indeed a malfunction. The company reports that it is trying to resolve the issues “as soon as possible.”

The outage includes the Garmin Connect apps and websites. For example, this prevents Garmin users from using the company’s cloud services. Garmin’s wearables are currently unable to be synchronized locally with the associated apps due to the outage. The company’s help desk is also offline, preventing it from answering emails, phone calls or online chats. Earlier, the company’s website was also offline, although it is now up and running again. In Asia, some production lines are said to be shut down.

Garmin’s InReach service, which is used for satellite communications, is also partially offline due to the outage. The service can still be used to send and receive messages, the company reports on its status website. FlyGarmin for aviation is currently also unreachable. In addition, users of the Garmin Pilot apps cannot submit flight plans, although the service can still display real-time information such as weather reports and other aviation data.

According to the sources, some Garmin employees have written on Twitter that it is indeed a ransomware infection. For example, the WastedLocker ransomware is mentioned, writes the tech site. However, this has not yet been confirmed by the company itself, so this should be taken with a grain of salt.