Galaxy Buds Live appears on Samsung support pages two weeks before launch

Samsung multiplies allusions at its new True Wireless headphones and as the presentation approaches (scheduled for August 5), several disclosures complete the picture. The Korean manufacturer will present new wireless headphones on August 5, at the conference dedicated to the Galaxy Note 20.

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Samsung’s beanstalk? 

A marketing image shows how the earpiece fits into the ear when worn by a user. Its atypical format, which some already compare to a bean, will certainly make people talk, which is not a bad thing for a new product. We remember that the design of the AirPods was controversial and yet it is now the most popular model on the market. 

Galaxy Buds - Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Buds Live are expected to arrive in three colourways, i.e. black, white and bronze. Colors that would correspond to those of the Galaxy Note 20 whose presentation is expected the same day. If rumors are to be believed, they are not equipped with an active noise reduction system. It would be necessary to be satisfied with a passive isolation via the in-ear tips. This would make it possible to offer a relatively low price, certainly less than 140 euros. 

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