Fujitsu Lifebook Notebook More Efficient Technologies

Fujitsu has introduced five different additional features for your notebook belonging to the professional line Fujitsu LifeBook. The aim is to improve the user experience and increase productivity.

Among the most interesting feature “Anytime USB Charge” that is designed to charge any devices connected to a USB port even if the notebook is off.

In addition to this, the power supply “0-Watt” cancel, in fact, any power consumption when the laptop is not in use or not to charge any devices. It also protects lithium-ion batteries from the effects of over-loading. But Fujitsu did not confine itself to this. Scrollwheel, for example, is a circular touch pad located near the trackpad classic scrolling becomes very useful when web pages and navigation between documents. A similar solution has been widely described in the model Lifebook P771, launched a few weeks ago.

Another interesting feature is the integration of technology Widi (Wireless Display) from Intel. Through this feature you can download streaming content using a wireless channel. The television of your living room, for example, if it is compatible with this technology, it can faithfully reproduce any content without the need for physical connection to your laptop. In addition, the company has created a modular bay to extend the capabilities of the laptop.

This bay can be used either to accommodate an optical drive, a second battery to increase the autonomy of the laptop, or even a projector, as happens for models Fujitsu Lifebook S761c and P771c . The interchange of the components is made very easy by a special construction system. The Fujitsu LifeBook series enriched with these features is currently available now.

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