Fuji Xerox Has Made A Colour E-Paper That Doesn’t Need A Filter

Fuji Xerox has developed an e-reader prototype display which is capable of displaying colors on it and it does so without using a color filter. This requires a special technique, which should give better image quality than previous attempts with color.

Fuji Xerox’s e-reader, which features a 5-inch screen with the standard resolution of 800×480 pixels. Fuji Xerox did thereby also explained how his new screen technology works: the colors are represented by unidentified particles that all have a different charge with different colors.

The particles used in the system are known as CMY colors. The screen has two layers in which the particles can be located: a visible and a non-visible layer directly. When the particles are activated, they move to the visible layer. In addition, a middle layer of built-in which the white color displays, which ensures that when the color particles are not active, it shows a white background.

Fuji Xerox specially designed them in order for the threshold value (electric field) of electrophoresis to be different for each color. There are several manufacturers who are experimenting with e-ink screens can give that color again. Once companies can produce e-readers with brighter colors, there will be a lot of people lining up to buy them.

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